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Bill & Ted Face the Music Drops Excellent Trailer

It’s been nearly three decades since the last movie in the series, but Bill & Ted Face the Music — the third film in the wacky, time-traveling comedy series — is finally concluding the franchise, and the new teaser trailer gives us a first look at what to expect.

The third film in the Bill & Ted series picks up with the pair –  Bill S. Preston (Alex Winters)  and Ted “Theodore” Logan (Keanue Reeves) – now middle-aged dads – as they’re visited by a messenger from the future (Kristen Schaal), who tells them they have 78 minutes to write their hit song, or the universe is doomed. In their quest to find inspiration for the perfect tune, the pair decided to travel to the future and take the song from their future selves. Ted wonders if that’s stealing.

Since 2010, there had been attempts to write a script and shop around for a third film in the series, with both Reeves and Winter involved along with Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon writing. The script spent several years in preparation, as according to Solomon, they wanted to continue the series and characters properly and not make the sequel look like a simple cash-grab.

With coronavirus still looming, many are doubtful that Bill and Ted Face the Music will hit its scheduled August release date. If the situation does not improve, it is highly likely that the film could end up going straight to video-on-demand. Considering the immense success of Trolls World Tour’s video-on-demand release, it is no surprise that many studios are considering the alternative.

Bill & Ted Face the Music
Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves return for a new rocking adventure in ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’.

The series spans three films: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989), Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991), and the upcoming Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020). There have been numerous spin-offs, including an animated television series (with Winter and Reeves reprising their roles), a live-action television series in 1992, video games, and comic books. 


Benjamin Ho
Benjamin Ho


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