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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Takes You on a Wild Ride in the 60s

Another season, another apocalypse to stop. 'The Umbrella Academy' kicks off its sophomore season roughly where season one left off.

The Clone Wars Is George Lucas’ Last Gift to the Fans, and It’s Beautiful

With its great characters, fantastic visual effects and layered storytelling, The Clone Wars marks the end of an era in terrific fashion.

Extraction Is an Action Spectacle That Lacks in Its Story

'Extraction showcases that the 'John Wick' formula is an enchanting one. While the film dazzles with its fight sequences, it falters hard in its story.

Money Heist Continues to Prove That It’s the Most Addictive Netflix Series

To say season four of 'Money Heist' is groundbreaking would be an overstatement. That being said, Was it worth staying up all night? You bet.

Onward Is an Emotionally Charged Journey with the Pixar Magic Intact

Boasting a terrific cast and dazzling animation, 'Onward' is an emotionally driven quest journey that most viewers won’t complain about.

The Invisible Man Breaks Universal’s Monster Curse

Effective, well-acted and terrifying, The Invisible Man proves that even the most familiar horror can still be effective when done right.

Richard Jewell Soars with a Powerful Story and a Perfect Cast

Masterfully directed by Eastwood, 'Richard Jewell' succeeds in delivering the story of a resilient individual standing up in the face of state power.

Jim Carrey and a New Set of Teeth Save Sonic the Hedgehog from Mediocrity

Sonic the Hedgehog aims high with flashy visuals, humor and fart jokes, but it’s Carrey's charismatic performance that prevented the film from mediocrity.

Birds of Prey Is Another Win for DC Films

With its stunning visuals, captivating action sequences and a formidable lead at its centre, 'Birds of Prey' is another win for DC Films.

Uncut Gems Is a Thrilling Ride Filled with Suspense and Chaos

For a film that’s committed in stirring feelings of anxiety, Uncut Gems succeeds in having a impeccable control over every single element of its entirety.
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