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Netflix Showcases Electrifying First Look at Project Power

The first trailer for Netflix’s superhero tentpole Project Power, starring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is finally here. The movie’s plot revolves around a mysterious drug that appears on the streets of New Orleans. The drug gives users a random superpower for five minutes upon taking it, leading to all sorts of problems for the city. You may watch the trailer here:

On the streets of New Orleans, word begins to spread about a mysterious new pill that unlocks superpowers unique to each user. The catch: You don’t know what will happen until you take it. While some develop bulletproof skin, invisibility, and super strength, others exhibit a deadlier reaction. But when the pill escalates crime within the city to dangerous levels, a local cop (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) teams with a teenage dealer (Dominique Fishback) and a former soldier fuelled by a secret vendetta (Jamie Foxx) to fight power with power and risk taking the pill in order to track down and stop the group responsible for creating it.

While Project Power features a drug that grants humans superpowers, the first trailer suggests that the film isn’t shaping up to be your typical superhero film. With its mature rating, the Netflix original seems to be more in line with films like DeadpoolLogan, and Joker, as they were all brought to life in a hard-R flavor to great effect.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 'Project Power'
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Frank in ‘Project Power’

Directed by Catfish documentary team Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, Project Power will be one of many projects Netflix has premiered since the pandemic took over Hollywood, joining films like Extraction and Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga as well as shows that span various genres. The film also stars Machine Gun Kelly, Rodrigo Santoro, Amy Landecker, and Allen Maldonado. Project Power hits the streaming giant on August 14.

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Benjamin Ho


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