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Tron 3 Moving Forward With Jared Leto, Title Revealed

Today, Tron 3 is finally a reality thanks to the fact that Lion and Mary Magdalene director Garth Davis has been officially tapped by Disney (and a very spoilery Jared Leto) to bring the sequel into further stages of development. According to Variety, Leto is attached to star and co-produce and director Garth Davis set to helm, Tron 3 has also gotten Jesse Wigutow (It Runs in the Family) to write most recent draft of the threequel’s script.

On the other hand, Deadline does note in their exclusive report Davis has been actively pursuing the gig, implying that the director has a specific vision for Tron 3. As of now, it is unsure whether Legacy‘s Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges would return. We do hope that Daft Punk returns to score for the sequel, as Disney couldn’t have found a better group to provide the future-retro vibe they were looking for in Legacy.

Jared Leto to star in Tron 3
Jared Leto quickly took to Twitter to express his excitement over his involvement in the film.

Leto quickly took to Twitter to express his excitement over his involvement in the film. However, he might’ve accidentally leaked the official title of Tron 3. Leto teased the film and called it Tron: Ares, before quickly deleting the post and re-writing it without the title. You can look at the deleted tweet below.


1982's Tron
1982’s ‘Tron’.

Back in 2015, the Tron: Legacy sequel was reported to be in development before it quickly fell into a state of limbo that same year. While the 1982 original was a commercial failure, it was nothing short of revolutionary. The original film is often lauded for its achievements in pioneering large scale computer-generate environments and effects in film (it was even snubbed for an Oscar as the Academy thought it was cheating), and has now developed into a cult film. The film’s cult following is arguably what led Disney to green-light its sequels, Legacy and Ares.

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Chou Zhien Ong
Chou Zhien Ong



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