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10 Movies to Watch This Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, we at put together a list of films that features some of the best dads of the silver screen for you to watch with your own.

The 6 Greatest Movie Dads of All Time

Loving. Protective. Wise. Supportive. If there’s one thing these movie dads share is that they love their kids unconditionally.

The 7 Best and Worst Recasting Choices of All Time

Hollywood is no stranger in recasting, sometimes a film can’t proceed without a recast. We examine the best and worst recasting choices in film.

CMCO: Movie Series to Catch Up On Instead of Going Out

Don’t know what to watch during CMCO? These film series will fill up your days. Here are some of the best movies to catch up on. 

Quarantine & Chill: Netflix Shows to Watch Instead of Going Out

Stuck at home because of the coronavirus? Worry not, Netflix has recently released a ton of new series to fuel up your boredom at home.

Star Wars: 15 Greatest Moments From the Skywalker Saga

In conjunction with Star Wars day, we are celebrating the series with 15 of the greatest moments in the decade-spanning Skywalker saga.

A24 Films You Should Watch Other Than Uncut Gems

Despite their young age, A24 has emerged as a voice for the value of artistic filmmaking. On that note, here's a list of A24 films you should watch.

Most Iconic Female Characters in Movies

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, let’s take a look at some of the most iconic female characters in movie history. 

Sitcoms That Will Never Leave Our Hearts (Other than Friends)

You can always count on sitcoms to have a laugh when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, or when you’re just having one of those days.

13 Most Anticipated TV Shows to Watch in 2020

In 2020, we are gifted with so, so many TV shows to the point where we would rather sacrifice our sleep just to binge-watch them.
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